Gas/Oil Hot air Furnace

Gas/Oil Hot Air Furnace consists of burner and burning chamber. Relative to coal-fired furnace, biomass-fired furnace, the hot air of Gas/Oil Hot Air Furnace is very clean, but in a high fuel costs.

Technical characteristics:

(1)    Sufficient combustion, good operation conditions; Reach environmental standard without Secondary pollution.
(2)     Clean hot air; Temperature adjustment is convenient
(3)     Easy to operate, simple to adjust
(4)     With manual / automatic control functions
(5)     With automatic ignition, load regulation and flame detection, alarm functions


Foodstuff, medical products, Chemical, Building materials, etc.

Relevant customers:

Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd., Liby Group, Qingdao Soda Ash Industrial Co., Ltd., Luoyang jianlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,etc.


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