High purity direct coal-fired hot air furnace


     High purity direct coal-fired hot air furnace consists of coal burner, high-temperature purifying room, air mixing room and control system. Features: clean, low cost, operate simply. The heat capacity of single high purity direct coal-fired hot air furnace ranges from 0.5-200 million kcal per hour. Maximum output temperature is 1000 ℃. To dry the products, furnace can attach to spray tower, rotary kiln, fluidized bed, air dryer, drying house, oven, etc.


1.Sufficient combustion, hot air without black smoke, good operating conditions; Meet the demand of environmental protection, No secondary pollution
2.Clean hot air, dust content is between 30 and 120 mg/Nm3
3.Heating efficiency>95%
4.Temperature of hot air under 1000℃ can be adjusted easily. When hot air is supplied continuously, its temperature fluctuates within±5℃
5.Operate simply, adjust easily
6.High security without any danger of explosion
7.Durable, low operating cost, easy maintenance
8.All the hot air flows into dryer; there is no increased outlet during production process


Daily-use Chemical: powder detergent, 4A zeolite, Layered sodium silicate, PAA, etc.
Ceramics: ceramic powder (polished tile), glaze, pottery, kaolin, etc.Fertilizers: DAP, MAP, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, Potassium and magnesium sulfate, compound fertilizer, Organic fertilizer, etc. Chemicals: potassium fluoride, dye(activated, deoxidize),PAC,Cacl2,Fe2(so4)3,zinc oxide, alumina, fluorite powder, etc.
Feedstuffs: vinasse , granular feedstuff ,feedstuff additives as CaHPO4 · 2H2O.
Water purifier: PAC, Fe2(so4)3,etc.
Building materials: silica sand, desulfurized gypsum, ceramic fiber, heat insulation board, heat insulation cotton, ultrafine powder, etc.
For environmental protection: black liquid(lignin),phosphogypsum, sludge desiccation, effluent disposal, solid residue, etc.
Others: crumb rubber, acetylene cylinder, paper mold, ore powder, briquette coal, wood and so on.

Relevant customers:

Guangxi Nanning Chemical Group(polyaluminium chloride), Quzhou Menjie Chemical Co., Ltd. (polyaluminium chloride), Jiaozuo Aierfuke Chemical Co., Ltd. (polyaluminium chloride), Kunming Jingyang Chemical Co., Ltd. (polyaluminium chloride) and so on.



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