Washing powder production line

We provide complete sets of equipment consulting, design, supply, installation and commissioning on detergent powder production line.

          Adopt the process of “tower spray”. Apparent specific gravity of product is 0.25~0.50g/cm3.

All kinds of powder materials, liquid materials are weighed respectively according to the formula, , sent to proportioning tank to make slurry, after hydrated aging, crushing and filtering by aging system, sent to top of spray tower by hi-pressure pump. Form mist particles through spray nozzles, dried by hot air generated by hot air furnace. At the bottom of the tower, hollow particles of detergent powder are formed. Then by air lifting, aging, base powder is made. After sieving, other materials (such as enzyme, color particles, essence, non-ionic, etc.) shall be added into base powder, and then put together into the post-blending mixer. After mixing and granulating, final detergent power in medium & top grade is made, and eventually packing.

Technology characteristics: 

(1) The waste gas of whole production system reaches the emission standard, no sewage discharge.
(2)After drying, Tail-gas is dealt by primary cyclone dust removal and secondary water dust removal. Save energy and reduce consumption, emissions reach the normal standard.
(3)  Fine powder collecting from dedusting process is completely back to tower, water can be recycled, and the precipitated slurry after collecting can be used for proportioning.
(4) Workshop environment is provided with perfect dedusting system, ensure the workshop environment clean.
(5)Factory and workshop have reasonable logistics, rational configuration, save the operating expense.
(6) Control system can adopt simple manual operation or central computer integrated automatic control.
(7) Good uniformity in powder particles and components, excellent solubleness and stable quality.





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