Wet sodium silicate production line

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Wet sodium silicate production line mainly produces low modulus sodium silicate which is below 2.5. Raw materials are caustic soda and quartz sand; the process can be divided into four parts: Ingredients, reaction, sedimentation, filtration. Mainly equipment: proportioning tank, reaction kettle, tundish, sedimentation tank, the filter, finished product tank, etc.

Technology characteristics: 

(1)      Semi-automatic / automatic production
(2)      Streamlined process line, high production efficiency, and stable quality.
(3)      Layout is rational, rigorous; save energy, factory is clean and tidy.
(4)      Key equipment running steadily, wear resisting, preservative; the lifespan is increased substantially. Compared with similar devices on the market, these significant advantages are dramatically after years’ improvement and optimization.
(5)      Entire line fully meets the national environmental protection requirements.


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