Calcium hydrogen phosphate drying production line

We can supply complete sets of consulting, designing, supply, installing, commissioning and other services on Calcium hydrogen phosphate drying production line.

This line consists of Wet feed system, hot wind generation system, drying system, gas separation system, Sieve the cooling system, etc.  After knocking, wet materials meet the clean hot air which generated by furnace, because of mass and heat transfer, wet materials are dried rapidly in the pulse air dryer. After sieving, lifting, and cooling, the dried materials enter into the finished product warehouse to store and pack. 

Technology characteristics:

(1)、The advantages of pulsed pneumatic dryer are as follows: Good drying effect, high thermal efficiency, large capacity, and low energy consumption, etc.
(2)、System is negative pressure operating. Sealing is very good, working environment without smoke leakage.
(3)、Mature and reliable control system, ensure the uniformity and stability of product quality.
(4)、System is easy to operate, floor area is small, and the cost is low.


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