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Heating furnace

MBL coal burner connects to heating room directly. Heating concentrated reactor, reactor and other devices which are installed in the heating chamber. Heat capacity of Single set is 0.5—20 million kcal per hour.


Technical characteristics:

(1)       Sufficient combustion without black smoke, good operation conditions.
(2)       combustion steadily, simple to adjust, the highest temperature can reach 1200℃.
(3)       Operating temperature is easy to operate, safe and reliable, no explosion and any other danger.


Chemical reaction: Heat the paint material, hard resin and other kinds of reaction kettle, activated carbon, hydrofluoric acid rotary kiln, water glass kilns, etc.
Drying class: blast furnace slag, manganese and other minerals, casting oven
Concentrated by distillation categories: coal tar (reactor, coil furnace), dye concentrate furnace, hydrogen chloride, sodium chloride dehydration furnace
Physical heating categories: heat treatment furnace, forging furnace, ceramic kiln, glass-lined kilns
Melting categories: hot-dip galvanizing furnace, gold and silver smelting furnace, aluminum melting, melting Tong Lu, etc.
Firing categories: limestone, cement kilns

Our customers:

Inner Mongolia Taixing Chemical Co., Ltd.,  Myanmar Eurasian Chemical Co., Ltd., etc.


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